Everything in Life is Vibration - Albert Einstein


A variety of nearly 30 - 50 pieces of tribal, evocative and sacred/ spiritual music is played during each COSMIC BLISSWORK session.


The music is played loudly without any break throughout the entire COSMIC BLISSWORK session.


The types of music are very diverse. The session starts with shamanic and tribal sounds & drums; merges into various Hollywood & Marvel movie soundtracks; go over to spiritual/ sacred music of all faith traditions; and concludes with integrative music vibrations.


Music plays a key role within a COSMIC BLISSWORK session. It triggers and set free emotions, - often suppressed and buried in our subconscious-, and brings them to the surface of our consciousness to get acknowledged, transformed, healed and integrated. Remember: what you oppress and therewith resist to embrace, persists and amplifies.


COSMIC BLISSWORK allows and enables you to experience and express all kinds of emotions like sadness, pain, suffering, grief, abuse, rejection, betrayal, shame, needs, anger, fury, hate, but also emotions of joy, humor, ecstasy, security, grace, glory, understanding, embrace, deep peace, contentment, gratitude, oneness, universal love & bliss.


Thus, music vibrations in COSMIC BLISSWORK sessions enable comprehensive healing and liberating processes to occur.


The COSMIC BLISSWORK's objective is for you to regain sovereignty and supreme power over your life.


Living a fulfilling, serene and blissful life. This is your universal heritage while breathing and living on planet Earth.