I am an Earth citizen

I am a representative of an international peace foundation to the United Nations.


I currently co-produce a global online entrepreneurship compe-tition for young people.


I initiated and co-produced more than thirty peacemaking and cultural events at intergovern-mental organizations (UN system and regional organizations) on all five continents at the executive level.


I produced the cultural festivities of the Millennium Forum in 2000 at United Nations headquarters in New York City.


I initiated and edited four books on the global economy, social entrepreneurship, multilateral diplomacy and the future of humanity.

I am a cosmic citizen

I experience myself primarily as Stillness - Infinity - Inner Peace.

I am linking Infinity to Earth and Earth to Infinity.


Stillness is the source of all life and realities, the living sacred space within which your whole life unfolds. Infinity encompasses all things, transcends and seam- lessly governs all forms and life circumstances.


In sync with that universal state of consciousness, I allow the eter- nal Cosmic Wisdom to create my life circumstances according to my focus and identifications.


I am happy to assist and coach you to consciously reconnect with and entrust/ surrender yourself to the cosmic power source you primarily are - STILLNESS - INFINITY - INNER PEACE.


COSMIC BLISSWORK is an efficient and dynamic holistic technique to free yourself from inner boundaries, blockages and fears, and to experience oneness with life's diversity and bliss - at personal and transpersonal levels.


I primarily study life through my Intuition I am connected with.

My greatest teacher since my childhood is the Cosmos - the epitome of fulfillment.


I also studied at state universities in Germany and graduated in Political Sciences (diploma) and Mediation (master degree).


I am graduated of a four years training in Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychology.


I also completed a one year class in Psychotherapy at the Paracelsus School in Munich, Germany and received a qualification in Holistic Psycho-Kinesiology at the same school.