* healing processes at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to occur

* you to express all kind of emotions

* an opening for spirituality and for the sacred space and realms within yourself

* the exploration of your inner worlds at the personal and transpersonal levels

* you to experience security, inner embracement and warmth

* you to experience wholeness and holiness

* you to learn about your hidden desires and longings

*  you to work through physical illness by exploring emotional issues associated with the illness
* to discover your higher calling or vocation

* to strengthen yourself to face confrontations and conflicts, and thus to better stand for your convictions

* you to develop your vitality, your intuition and your creativity

* an understanding of and a reconciliation with your own and personal history

* a more fulfilled life, enriched by inner ‚Moments of Grace' experiences

* the encounter with the indestructible 'inner source' within you and the reconnection with the 'inner healer'


COSMIC BLISSWORK is an integral and holistic technique, in which participants work at many levels of their being: the physical and psychosomatic, mental and psychological, as well as emotional and spiritual levels.