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It is part of human nature that women and men have always been fascinated and enchanted by the cosmos and its infinity.


The eternal tranquility and unending vastness of space make us feel humble and speechless, and give us a hint of who we truly are.


Our focus on the infinity of the cosmos systematically and naturally soothe us and brings us in connection with inner realms and worlds within us we are encouraged to explore.


The 'spiritual elite' of the world - mystics, schamans, healers, magicians and high priests - in all cultures and time epochs knew that deliberately linking up with 'cosmic consciouness' would enable them to spark off and undergo sudden healing processes, to attain deep insights and wisdom, to dissolve blockages and inner limitations, and to experience oneness with all life's diversity, the cosmos and infinity - the source of all existence.


Cosmic Blisswork enables us to surrender and entrust to the universal 'Cosmic Wisdom & Love' to heal ourselves, to provide us with deep insight, and re-establish harmony and balance within our whole being whereever harmony and balance are needed.


Cosmic Blisswork also integrates the 'Schumann resonance' frequency of 7.83 Hz into its work.  As far back as we know, the Earth’s electromagnetic field has been protecting all living things with this natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 Hz. The Earth’s and whole of nature's heartbeat pulsate in sync at 7.83 Hz - and therefore 'breathe' in oneness with the universe.


Cosmic Blisswork is therefore an efficient technique refined and designed for our post- modern civilization. It enables us to explore our inner realms and thereby facilitates the attainment of altered states of consciousness, which in turn provide an impetus for self-healing processes, self-discovery and self-empowerment.




Participants lay comfortably on a mat in the company of their fellow ‚inner travelers’ in the workshop room. Room light gets dimmed.  The 'Schumann resonance' Earth's Brain Pulse Generator gets activated in form of a subtly played background frequency.  The facilitator leads a ten minutes' deep relaxation meditation.  Then, participants are requested to consciously begin to accelerate their rate of breathing for about 5 to 30 minutes, while a variety set of selected evocative and sacred pieces of music is played during the entire session.


By doing so, participants are able to surmount specific psycho-logical self-defense and control mechanisms, thereby enabling access to their inner worlds and realms.


The Cosmic Blisswork experience is entirely internal and largely non-verbal and without interventions. However, the Cosmic Blisswork process can be supported by bodywork, should the need arise.


Once the session on the mat is completed, participants have the opportunity to draw and share their inner experiences with the whole group, so that their new insights can even get better integrated into their daily lives.


In the course of the seminar, participants will carry out the Cosmic Blisswork technique once in this fashion.


No prefixed time limitation is placed upon the duration of the Cosmic Blisswork session.


A regular session lasts between three up to five hours.

COSMIC BLISSWORK Seminars & Coaching - Dates & Fees -

I am currently based in Munich, Germany.


I am happy to travel to your part of the world to assist you and offer you


* Intensive Group Seminars

* Exclusive Individual Sessions



Seminars of 3 - 12 Participants.

Fee per Individual: 999 Euro/ 1,222 USD

Registration under info@cosmicbliss.com

Dates for my Cosmic Blisswork Intensive Group Seminars in Munich, Germany can be viewed on my Facebook site here.

I am also available for Cosmic Blisswork Intensive Group Seminars upon request in your area and part of the world.

A Seminar lasts for one day.



Fee for one Session: 1,999 Euro/ 2,333 USD

To make an appointment for a Cosmic Blisswork Exclusive Individual Session, please contact me at info@cosmicbliss.com


Inspiration for November 2019

- INFINITY - by Patrick U. Petit


How do you feel when you gaze at a dark starry nightsky?

Still and empty? - In awe and speechless?
Can you feel sacredness while watching into infinity?
Are you able to surrender to and melt with the cosmos?

Focus on how you feel melting with the infinity of space.


How do you feel is all what counts.


Gazing at a dark starry nightsky has been my own spiritual initiation and practice throughout my childhood.


By doing that sacred and quite natural ritual on a regular basis, I realized that the infinite of the cosmos is what/who I am.


Ever since, I feel blessed by the cosmic presence I am for eternity.


I learned to entrust and surrender to the cosmic presence within myself. By doing so, my life is blissful and fulfilling in a very simple and natural way.


Isn't it what we are all truly yearning for?


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